Event Lighting

Lights. Camera. Action. When you choose NK Production, Inc. to handle all of your event lighting needs, we’ll give you Hollywood production level quality. A well-thought-out lighting design definitely sets the mood, and it shouldn’t go overlooked. Need something bright and flashy for a new product launch? We can create a fun atmosphere that practically matches the excitement of your new idea. Want something more classy and subtle for a corporate event? We can transform any space for a sophisticated company party. Whatever type of event lighting you need, we’ll work to turn your vision into a reality. 

LED Lighting

LED lighting is special because it emits light in a specific direction. This allows you to highlight and focus on specific parts of the room, helping create the ever-so-important ambiance. LED lights produce less heat, which is great when you have a room full of a ton of people. With an LED lighting design at your event, you’ll also have a lot more color options, without the need for colored gel and multiple fixtures.

Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent lighting solutions by NK Production, Inc.  take your next event up another notch. Whether you’re looking for elaborate color patterns or lights that practically dance to the music, we can create all different types of custom lighting designs for your event.

Conventional Lighting

Sometimes, all you need is traditional lighting for your event. If you’re just trying to add some light in a certain area or make the room a little brighter as a whole, a conventional lighting design is the way to go.

Film & Television Lighting

Ever wonder how everyone seems to look flawless on TV? Besides studio magic, it’s mostly due to strategic and intricate lighting design. You’ll definitely want lights specially designed to complement someone in front of a camera for your next production.