Live Event Video Production Services

Life is all about living in the moment, and NK Production, Inc. can help you do just that with our live event video production services. For product launches, conferences, and other significant events, show the world the edge of innovation. With new products and events clamoring for attention, make yours stand out with live video and projection mapping specialties. It’s a great way to add an immersive aspect to your event and helps to make attendees feel as though they’re part of the event rather than just at an event.

High-Definition Switching & Processing

State of the art, every time. Utilizing the most advance video processing and screen switchers on the market worldwide, NK Production, Inc. will always deliver unparalleled speed, versatility, and flexibility in the heart of the video system. Our inventory includes switchers and video processors from the best manufactures in world, including Barco, Christie, Sony, and Panasonic

Digital Projection Blends & Mapping

Bring the room to life with digital projection blends and mapping. This live video production element turns ordinary into extraordinary. Combining lighting, sound effects, and projection mapping, three dimensional objects, and the entire show space become an immersive environment through which attendees experience a show, rather than watch it. The possibilities are limitless with next-gen technology.

LED Walls (Indoor & Outdoor)

LED video technology is rapidly shaping the future of live event video. Quality is advancing while cost is decreasing, so if you have an outdoor daytime event requiring the high output of an LED wall, NK Production, Inc. has you covered. For indoor events requiring the added punch of LED brightness or for venues prohibitive to projection, we have many indoor LED options available as well. LED panels also make great video eye candy elements when not services as the main screen(s).

High Definition Studio Camera Configurations

State of the art High-Definition, broadcast camera configurations from SONY and Panasonic, with remote camera control, shading and painting, and high-end glass from Canon and Fuji, provide the crystal clear, razor sharp images, that capture the event in all its glory from start to finish. NK Production, Inc. has a plethora of camera options to fit all budgets. All HD, all the time.