Sound Reinforcement for Events

If you’re looking for sound systems for your event, NK Production, Inc. is here to help. As an audio-visual production company in Los Angeles, we’ve helped countless clients in California and the surrounding states bring their events to life with professional sound systems. If you’re hosting a conference, product launch, or other event where there will be a lot of speaking, it’s essential that you have touring quality sound systems to ensure unparalleled sound quality. Poor coverage (a few seats in the audience not covered by the sound system), microphone “ring” (small, but persistent, amounts of feedback produced by pushing a system a little too hard), and speaker cabinets with poor harmonic structure (basically, cheap speaker cabinets that sound harsh) are unacceptable parameters of a sound system on any event. Low quality sound systems and even high quality sound systems that aren’t deployed properly will be detrimental to your event as audiences’ ears are ever sensitive to poor quality sound reinforcement. Poor sound reinforcement means loss of your message.

Wireless Mic Systems

We use them all the time, so presenters don’t have to worry about cables, providing talent with freedom of motion, so they can move around the stage naturally and without restriction. But not all wireless systems are created equal. We use only the highest quality analog and digital wireless microphone systems because not only do we want the best and most reliable gear, but we want YOU to have the best and most reliable gear.

Linear Array PA Systems and Convention Speaker Clusters

A line array speaker system gives you professional sound quality in venues for which a line array is appropriate and covers your audience with the long throw capabilities specific to line arrays. We employ conventional speaker clusters where appropriate, like in smaller ballrooms or where the sound system needs to stay above sight lines for projection screens or LED walls.

Sound System Design and Installation

Every venue is different. Whether it’s indoor, outdoor, small, medium, or large, having the proper sound system in place will make a world of difference at your event. At NK Production, Inc., we can take care of both the design and installation of the sound system for each and every unique space.